School Rules  

School Evaluation System  
Recommendations to Parents  
Information to Students

School Rules  

  • Each student must carry his/her school Dairy and identity Card to School every day.
  • Students are expected to be in the school before the bell rings.
  • The student must come to school in prescribed uniform. Neatness in dress cleanliness and  discipline should be encouraged by the parents.
  • An application should be addressed when a student is not in school uniform.
  • The student must be regular and punctual in their attendance. Student should obtain prior permission from the Principal for not attending the classes or coming late to school for specific reasons.
  • All applications which is a must for leave are to be singed by the parents. Application for leave on medical grounds are to be supported by an authentic medical certificate.
  • Students should not bring personal photographs, magazines and expensive or fancy articles like Mobiles, Cameras, Watches, Jewellery etc. to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.
  • The school will not be held responsible for the loss of the belongings of children.
  • No pupil suffering from any contagious disease shall be permitted to attend school, till be/she brings a medical certificate of fitness.
  • Books and note books should be taken care of.
  • All the students and their parents are accountable to the school authorities for their conduct in and out of the school.
  • Criticism of a child’s teacher and the school in his/her presence should be avoided because it causes the child to lose his/her respect for the teacher, with the consequent, meet the Principal without fear of repraisal.
  • Parents are requested not to enter the classrooms and instruct the teachers. All dealings with the teachers must be conducted through the Principal.
  • Private tuitions are discouraged. Parents/Guardians should not make private arrangements for tuitions with the members of the staff without consulting the Principal.
  • Parents are expected to sign the Report cards, and the Principal’s or Teacher’s in the dairy. Failure to do so will cause great mutual inconvenience.
  • Students are not allowed to leave their classroom without the permission of the teacher concerned.
  • All the students are required to speak in English during the school hours.
  • Students are expected in all school activities and will be exempted only for a genuine reason.
  • Student should take special care of personal hygiene and cleanliness of uniform. Use of jewellery, make-up, nail polish, and keeping of long nail is strictly prohibited.
  • The name of the student may be struck off the rolls by the Principal of the school on account of continuous absence or nonpayment of school fees and other dues for 20 days after the last day for payment.
  • Early departure will not be granted except in an emergency. An authorized escort should bring a letter signed by the parents.
  • Any change in the address and phone number must be notified to the school office in writing.
  • Parents are welcome to approach the principal with their opinions and suggestions with prior appointment.
  • Parents who do not abide by the rules and regulations of the school as agreed to at the time of admission will be requested to withdraw their wards.
  • Irregular attendance, constant negligence of work in subordination to teachers, habitual inattentiveness in class, obscenity in word or deed, willful and repeated breach of the school regulation individually or collectively will lead a pupil to serious punishment of expulsion.
  • The student should neither damage school property nor make the school premises dirty. Tearing or pages from exercise book or dairy in punishable.
  • Every student when upon to attend extra classes or to take part in other activities of the school must compulsorily participate in them.
  • Leave for half day should be avoided, as far as possible for security reasons. In emergency however, written permission must be taken from the Principal/Headmistress and the Class Teacher and the Bus incharge should be informed.
  • You are requested not to send your ward for the weekly test on Wednesday in case of any serious illness.
  • The child will not be sent back after the test.
  • He/she will have to attend the full school.
  • In case of absence in one test, the child will be given 75% of marks gained in the test in which he appears of the same subject.
  • Late Arrival in School
    • The school gates shall be closed as per the schedule given in School Timings Section.
    • Students arriving late will not be allowed to enter the school. Necessary disciplinary action will be taken​

​School Evaluation System

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is done by the teachers; Class Teacher’s keep up-to-date records of all students. Quarterly reports reflect the average score.

Tests & Examinations for Classes I to XII are held as per the schedule given in the School Calendar

Recommendations to Parents

  • Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline. They should ensure that their wards prepare their home assignments and take active interest in the school activities. We seek your co-operation to inculcate the habit of conversing in English in our students.
  • Parents are required to sign their ward's progress report or any other information when so required.
  • Private tuitions are not encouraged. Our teachers are not allowed to give private tuition to our pupils.
  • All communication with the school should bear the scholar no., class and section of the students.
  • Parents, guardians or others are requested not to meet the students or teachers during class hours without the sanction of the school authorities.
  • Early departure will not be granted except in an emergency. An authorised escort should bring a letter signed by the parents. The parents should make their own arrangements for transport in such cases.
  • Any change in the address and phone number must be notified to the school office in writing.
  • All belongings of the students should bear their name, class and scholar number.
  • An Application from the parents for leave of absence with out a sanction for a fortnight in the mid term or a week after any vacation will lead to "striking off" the name from the rolls.
  • Parents must ensure that their ward's blood group duly at tested by a pathologist is in the school infirmary. Children should be encouraged to memorize their parents names, profession, residential address & residential phone number.
  • Parents are welcome to approach the principal with their opinions and suggestions with prior appointment.
  • Parents who do not abide by the rules and regulations of the school as agreed to the time of admission will be requested to withdraw their wards.
  • Parents should arrange to take their children home within 20 min. after the school is over.
  • These rules are liable to alteration without prior notice.

Information to Students

The following practices will lead to strict disciplinary action.

  • Disfiguring or damaging school property.
  • Bunking classes and weekly tests.
  • Bunking School.
  • Bringing a cell phone to school.
  • Use of violence in any form.
  • Scribbling or writing anything on the shirts or uniform.
  • Using abusive languages.
  • Not wearing the proper school uniform, (winter or summer uniform) during the term, as specified in the School Almanac.
  • Damaging, scribbling or tearing pages from library books, Texts or Exercise books.
  • Bringing sharp and injury causing articles such as knives etc.
  • Bringing books, CDs etc. not relevant to their course work.
  • Bringing costly articles (like expensive watches, cameras, fountain pens, iPods).
  • Bullying or using any form of violence against a fellow students.
  • Bursting crackers or throwing colour on one another within or near the school premises.
  • Bringing more than Rs. 50/- for canteen purposes.
  • Entering school without uniform even after school hours.
  • Late arrival in classes.
  • Late arrival in school.
  • Misconduct, indiscipline and misbehaviour in school transport.
  • Not wearing the identity card.
  • Disciplinary Measures​

Any student found breaking school rules will strictly be dealt with the following measures will be adopted to maintain discipline.

  • Oral warning & counselling.
  • Written warning
  • Fine
  • Withdrawal of bus facilities for misbehaviour in the school bus (Parents will responsible for picking them up and dropping them to school)
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion.​​

However, the principal retains the right to expel a student outright if the offence is of a very serious nature. The Principal will have the right to withhold the character certificate of any student whose conduct is not in keeping with the rules, laid down by the school.

Expectations from Students

  • They should take good care of their health.
  • They should always be friendly with others in and out of the school.
  • They should avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.
  • They should accept whatever work is assigned to them as their rightful share. They should face difficulties courageously.
  • They should always be ready to lend a helping hand to their parents, brothers and sisters at home, to teachers and companions in school, and to any unattended visitors they happen to meet in the school premises.
  • They should stand up when a teacher or visitor comes to talk to them.
  • They should never cheat or be unfair in studies and games.
  • They should never be cruel. They should know that cruelty is the trait of a bully, while kindness is the mark of a gentleman.
  • They should always be honest and truthful.
  • They should respect the liberty and rights of others.
  • They should respect the beauty of the class room and of the school premises and report any damage they may observe.
  • They should never hesitate to say "NO" when asked or tempted to do a thing which they know is wrong.





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